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    Hyphenated Technologies
    Power your laboratory with new solutions
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Where projects take the right shape

We help laboratories and clinics with instruments, accessories and customized solutions to improve knowledge and the discovery of critical insights that impact the environment and the healthcare.
Our scientific background and experience let us spread our competence in many fields from industry products to human health.


Hyphenated Technologies

Coupling two or more analytical techniques to detect and separate the chemical species of interest, with higher sensitivity and selectivity.

GC accessories

We develop GC Accessories to enhance performances and results from coupled techniques like: GC-MS, GC-IR and GC-ICP-MS.

FTIR Gas Analysis

An automated system for the analysis of compressed gas and complete cleaning procedure, coupling FTIR and any other analytical equipment.

IR accessories

Starting from solid samples analysis to gas sampling cells and systems, we offer customized IR accessories tailored to your needs.

UV accessories

We study, design and manufacture entirely in Italy, a variety of UV accessories specifically based on customer demands.

OEM & Customization

We design and go-to-market with personal products, as we develop specific solutions under the brand name of the Analytical Producers.


New TG-IR-GCMS at Analytica 2014

Perkin Elmer chemagen Technologie GmBH presented the new TL9000, TGA-IR-GCMS system.
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RedShift TD Tube Conditioner Phoenix T220

RedShift are proud to present our new GC Accessory for Thermal Desorption. Boost your analysis!
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